San Diego Comic Con!

As part of the San Diego Children’s Film Festival, “Blueberry” was invited to San Diego Comic-Con International!

Creatives of all types were excited to meet Blueberry and he received the usual compliment of being adorable while at the event.

Both Stephanie Glover, writer/director/producer, and Stephen Valdivia, animation and art director, are planning to attend the screening.

Miss Glover is also slated to make a scheduled appearance at 2PM at table MZ-13 to speak with an Australian radio program about Blueberry and her work as a filmmaker.

The Comic-Con Children’s Fest screening is open and free to Comic-Con badge holders only. No additional tickets are available and Comic-Con badges are sold out at this time. Directions, convention center layout, and more can be found on the Comic-Con website here: Comic Con

Blueberry will have a follow up screening in San Diego on July 29 at noon at the Neil Morgan Theater at the San Diego Central Library downtown.